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So, I came across the Wikipedia definition (sorry to those who take it as gospel),  for so called “melanin theory”, and was bugged by its bias. I decided to compile a short list of links that fly in the face of it. The links on the list are from either academic or from Euro-American sources so it eliminates any bias concerning the content of the articles.

The Wikipedia entry refutes melanin’s capacity as a superconductor, its ability to transform different waveforms of the EM spectrum (energy), and it’s links to consciousness in the human being. I’m like hmmm… if melanin ain’t shit, then why are you spending so much money and resources researching a bunch of nothing??? lolz Anyway>

This is a SHORT list so if this peaks your interest by all means, RE-SEARCH!!!

This link articulates a South American scientist’s research into using melanin to create a battery in a process similar to photosynthesis:

This page is a PDF from the researcher himself:

This is a thread citing Scientific American and Cosmos magazine explaining how certain species of fungus use melanin to EAT radiation and convert it into biological energy (chi)!!

Another link on the same topic:

Here are three books by presumably white authors elucidating the link between nueromelanin (melanin in the brain found in abundance around the hypothalamus and pineal gland) and consciousness:



This link is a decent article on ESP and has a few brief paragraphs on how nueromelanin organizes brain activity and nueroendocrine (chakra) activity.

A paper from Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, under contract with the US GOVERNMENT!! on the radio-protective properties of melanin and its potential in CONDUCTING ELECTRICITY!!!

An article on interstellar melanin (dark matter).

for more in depth info, check the bibliography of any of these links and have at it. Know Thyself! Peace.

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